princess koriand'r.
i was born into royalty, sold into slavery, built for war and designed to lead. but these days, i am an outlaw.
this is an indie roleplay blog for new 52 (with a hint of pre!52) starfire aka princess koriand'r.

this blog may get nsfw. mun and muse are over 21.

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In honor of Sexual Sunday ask my muse Sex based questions.

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I dare you to make my muse happy.

The “break my muse” stuff gets old. Make them smile and mean it.


Imagine your OTP living happily ever after.

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My muse shows up at your muses doorstep in the middle of the night. Without saying a thing, they collapse into your muse’s arms. Put your muse’s reaction in my ask box.

Baby rp Starters

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goodnight. things are drafted, i cannot keep my eyes open. sorry guys. xx.

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"If I was dating you.." Finish in my ask (♡˙︶˙♡)

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He was about to argue that he DID pay for them and the machine simply ate his money. but he wasn’t about to turn Starfire’s kindness away.”Want to split it?”

"I have yet to try one of these. Do you mind?" Kori didn’t feel right taking half of somebody’s food. 

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"Oh… um… yeah…"


"Serves me right for trying to get that pack of Reeses out of he vending machine, they make those dispenser holes so small now!"

"Perhaps next time you will pay for them, like everyone else does?" Kori teased. "Here." She paid for the packet and passed it over to Flash. "For all your troubles."

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We're alone now, you could kiss me



I could, yes.

He lifted her off the ground and ran into the nearest beach house, kicking the door open and depositing her on the bed. “Well your goodies are growing. And you’ll be enjoying them soon.”

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